The Chartered College

#weeklyblog2017 Where I ask myself – what do I want from my Chartered College of Teachers?  1. I don’t want another union.  I want professional signposting. In other words I don’t want a movement that argues with Ofsted and DfE all the time. Or in fact, at all. This may seem a little controversial but one of the biggest issues in teaching is that we cannot agree on anything. Or maybe we agree on that. Either way I have a union that I can talk to about political stuff. From The College I would like facts – and then I would … Continue reading The Chartered College

An open letter to my MP

(Or any MP Really) On school funding….   #weeklyblogchallenge17 There are lots of stories out there already on this subject, and there are lots of agencies that are saying the same things. Something is wrong though because the message is not getting through and these voices are being ignored. Here is mine! Schools are in the middle of a perfect storm of problems. We’ve discussed assessment, Ofsted, governors, SEND funding and all sorts before. All of this pales into insignificance though if schools are not actually open. Because this is the reality that many schools are facing – local head … Continue reading An open letter to my MP