Digital Leaders – the difference they make

Thanks for sharing! A great post – it really is such a simple idea that works so well.

In The Twelve

I accidentally stopped blogging about the school’s progress last year, which is a shame because we’ve used programming much more widely, held Raspberry Pi sessions and been invited to talk at events.

I recently sent a link to somebody who was interested in Digital Leaders with a view to helping them start a group up. Turns out it was a post that was over 2 years old. With the introduction of the new DL slow-chat, I thought I’d try and explain a little more about what we have done with DLs over the last few years.


We’ve had interviews with the headteacher, recommendations from the teaching staff and good, old-fashioned badgering on the part of the children. The key is finding out who is really interested – the best way to do this is to talk to the children. Run a lunchtime club where you can play with…

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