Twitter as a source of Professional Development

Great thoughts! And thanks for linking to my post!

Andrew Macrae: EdTech Learning Log

I was really happy when I saw this module because I can say with hand on heart that the experiences I have had in just over a year of using Twitter have been transformational. Put simply, I am a better professional and teacher as a result of the things I have learned. If I can digress and put things into context a little. . .

Last year at this time I went to a PD day to listen to Will Richardson speak. He was inspirational in so many ways – especially with relation to social media. If you have never heard of him, and you are taking 543 you should look him up. Prior to that day, I had avoided Twitter with a venom. I assumed it was the haunt of those who could stand the Kardashians and other vacuous celebs. Watching TV journalism descend into, ‘who can read the most tweets’…

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