So My Kids Did a Reading Challenge and All I Did Was Lie…Almost

“Reading could go back be about reading, not about winning. ” – gamification downside, how true. Thanks for sharing!

Pernille Ripp

photo (18)

It started as a great idea; new town, new library, let’s go explore!  We went, we fawned (yes, fawned) over the incredible library and then we saw what I knew already would be there; The Summer Reading Challenge!  Thea, my 5 year old, and the only one aware enough to notice it, saw it right away and began to ask questions.  “What’s the robot for?  How do I get a sticker?  I want a bookmark!”

So I signed them all up, even the baby, thinking this would be great.  No big deal, after all, we read a ton, a challenge and log will only cement that.  With our library books in hand, our new brightly colored reading logs, we went home to start the epic summer reading challenge.

At first, it was no big deal.  We read a book, I had our 4 booklets right there, and down they went…

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