21st century learners or deviants?

Another dot in the blogosphere?

This article, Innovators, Not Hackers: Stop Portraying Youth as Digital Deviants, presents a simple but important perspective that teachers should learn to take. It sounds like what danah boyd might say.

The article starts with:

Why is it that when young people use technology on adult terms, they are praised as 21st century learners, but when they use technology on their OWN terms, they are castigated as deviant rule-breakers?

And it ends with:

Young people are capable of much more than we often give them credit for. They are not “hackers.” They are innovators who have much to teach us about incorporating digital tools into meaningful, relevant learning experiences.

Everything in between is worth the read.

If the article does not create some cognitive dissonance, then you are either a stubborn old goat (and part of the problem) or a change agent (and part of the…

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