Flipping the learning – my second revolution…

Really interesting read – thanks for sharing!
I too have found myself learning so much through online collaboration, it’s really made me reflect more on what I do as well as sharing with non online colleagues!


I’ve just uploaded my first video to YouTube.

I did it with the help of the ExplainEverything app which is excellent and I’m sure it can do more than what I’ve used it for. For some reason the audio and visual hasn’t fully synced but it’s good enough to be a useful resource for my Year 11 students.

The possibilities now with new technologies, apps, I-pads, and BYOD are endless and make this an extremely exciting time to be in teaching. I think over the last year or so this represents my own personal ‘second revolution’ in teaching. When I began teaching, back in 2002, our classrooms did not have projectors and screens and we had one computer in our Humanities office. We rarely checked e-mail and would send paper memos to other staff. It seems like and is a different world. Then along came widespread e-mail use, our own laptops…

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