My thoughts on textbooks, learning and iPads

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Go back to traditional textbooks, says Education Minister Elizabeth Truss, because all that differentiation is a waste of time! In essence this was the message from Miss Truss following the publication of an OECD sponsored report which stated teachers in England spend more time preparing materials for lessons than their colleagues in other countries. And the UK is still languishing (relatively speaking) in Mathematics and English in PISA, that oft-quoted league table of attainment which casts such a long shadow over participating countries. Textbooks appear to be king in Miss Truss’ argument because they… Continue reading My thoughts on textbooks, learning and iPads

21st century learners or deviants?

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??by??jesuscm [on/off]? ? This article, Innovators, Not Hackers: Stop Portraying Youth as Digital Deviants, presents a simple but important perspective that teachers should learn to take. It sounds like what danah boyd might say. The article starts with: Why is it that when young people use technology on adult terms, they are praised as 21st century learners, but when they use technology on their OWN terms, they are castigated as deviant rule-breakers? And it ends with: Young people are capable of much more than we often give them credit for. They are not… Continue reading 21st century learners or deviants?

Hands up who likes PHP?

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(Clarification: I’m a UK high school teacher. “School” in this post means high school, not university and “IT Professionals” is the term used to distinguish those who are not teachers on the forum in question.) On the miffed-off-ometer, I’d have to say that I’m getting quite close to a 9 with some of the CS Education community of late. The CAS Community is a forum for teachers and IT professionals with an interest in Computer Science education to get together and discuss whatever they wish. As we all know, the Computing curriculum is changing rapidly… Continue reading Hands up who likes PHP?

Flipping the learning – my second revolution…

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I’ve just uploaded my first video to YouTube. I did it with the help of the ExplainEverything app which is excellent and I’m sure it can do more than what I’ve used it for. For some reason the audio and visual hasn’t fully synced but it’s good enough to be a useful resource for my Year 11 students. The possibilities now with new technologies, apps, I-pads, and BYOD are endless and make this an extremely exciting time to be in teaching. I think over the last year or so this represents my own personal ‘second revolution’… Continue reading Flipping the learning – my second revolution…