Analyzing iPad Myths in Education

How to Argue for iPads in the Classroom

A collaboration between iPad Educators Steve Lai (@sly111, Canada) and Richard Wells (@ipadwells, New Zealand)

Preamble: This article is to support iPads in teaching. However, it is not to devalue the benefits of a great teacher. The execution of iPads in class is only going to go as far as the passions and mindset of the teacher allows it to. In other words, the iPad will never replace quality teaching.

I have enjoyed working again with Richard Wells on this post, despite the 19 hour time difference (which, I guess, is only a five hour one!). If you haven’t read our previous post, please check it out: The Habits and Philosophy of an Effective iPad Teacher. I look forward to one day working alongside Richard, perhaps even in person!

The following post will give reasons and arguments…

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